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3-D pic / French lyrics explanation

Just a reminder to newer people that if you go to the bottom of this page and hit "Go earlier," you will see some messages from me in July/Aug. where I presented a rare April 2004 ***3-D pic*** of Lederhosen Lucil, plus a comment to a discussion where I divulged the full explanation of the French lyrics, German lyrics, and Canadian references in her songs. Just the thing to be initiated into the inner secrets of Lucil...

Shameless boosterism on my part, I know! But my home computer was down for over 2 months and I hadn't visited for a while. If you're new, tell me what you think.

Coming soon, Lederhosen Lucil co-stars in the movie "Elvis' 3-D House of Rock'n'Roll Wax"...

"May you always get your TVP back..." :-)

My personal page's link page mentions Lucil, plus some other weird-ass musicians from my city of Toronto. http://downstat.homestead.com/OtherLinks.html
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