Mimi (ddf) wrote in lucil_love,

Yes, but at what time!?

Ok, this may be a bit late in the game to be asking this, but, does anyone have any idea at what time the show at Main Hall in Montreal starts tonight? I'm guessing around nine, but none of the places I've looked at on the web actually give a time. I mean, I wouldn't want to be late to see the fantabulous Lucil.
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I took matters into my own hands and scoped the venue. One of the sound guys thinks doors are at 9 pm. So, like, if anybody else was as clueless as me, now you know. See you there.

I wanna know...
It was totarly badass. La Guerre des Tuques were really good, incredibly refreshing music to hear. It was like The Polyphonic Spree without the pretension. Lederhosen Lucil was also really good. She had two uber-nerds backing her up on bass guitar and drums. They were very tight and very entertaining. I haven't danced that much at a show in a while. It's funny, cuz I just saw Lali Puna the other day and they're supposed to be so badass and cool and everything, but I'd rather go see Lederhosen Lucil anyday. Also, the single and the video are really good.