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hello fellow lucil fans,
I heard about this journal a while ago, but somehow forgot to check it out. I can't wait to hear the new collaborations on the single, although let's be fair: they can't compare with the yamaha's scratching preset, heh.

My first, and currently only, LL show was in Middlesbrough, England on the Short Attention Span tour (15-11-03!). There was pretty much no one there, so my friends and I were sitting on silly plastic chairs right infront of the yamaha, it was excellent. I forgot my camera, but later managed to get a copy of the ones taken by the resident photographer.

Incase this is not already old news, there are a couple of live lucil sets circulating on the net, these are:
Short Attention Span Theatre Tour, Montreal 06-11-03
Live In CBC Vancouver Studio 2 (Oct 11_2002)
they are quite easy to find on soulseek, and definately worth getting.

P.S. if anyone fancies picking up one of the hand-made 7" sleeves for me then I will be somewhat grateful... and by somewhat I mean extremely.

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