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Lucil's update!

maintainer here, new (well actually old) name.

anyways, Lederhosen Lucil updated & sent emails out today to people on her mailing list. If you didn't check out her site yet or aren't on her mailing list, do so now! as in RIGHT now! PRONTO!

okay, so just so you don't have to leave your friend's pages, her email is under the cut. also, click the link above to view the pictures :)

Freundlings! I am back! In das penpal mode und excited to tell you all
about fun things I have been working on. Projects, projects,
projects…und now that it’s back to school there are so many other things to
write, create, and produce!

First auf, I hope you all had ein wunderbar summer…big shout goes out
to all mein Florida-freundlings who’ve had to contend with the angry
environment. I hope you are safe and with people you liebe and will be
ready to hose when I return someday!

Now the fun stuff…Remember waaaaay back when I told you all that I was
going to be working on ein special short film/video for “Semi-Sweet”?
Well, its almost complete and will be airing soon! Then I will post it
on das website so that you can all watch it. For a teaser check aut
mein homepage for a cute still photo taken on the set.

Und now think back, waaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaay back…remember that song
“Apricota” that I spiele live but so far there’s been no studio recording?
You guessed it! Apricota, along with ein Kid Koala remix of Semi-Sweet
und ein DJ P-Love collaboration are going to be released this November.
For real, ja! Limited edition vinyl (Apricota, Semi-Sweet Remix) und
mini-Cds (Apricota, Semi-Sweet, Newspaper Flies) will be coming soon
along with special Video Screening/Single Release Parties in Montreal,
Toronto und Kingston. I can’t wait to hose mit you then!

Upcoming Tour Dates:
October 9th – Rouyn-Noranda – Petit theatre du vieux Noranda
October 14th – New York City (CMJ Festival) – CB’s 313 Gallery
November – Toronto, Kingston and Montreal CD Release Parties TBA

Merch Update: Some of you have asked for more T-shirts on sale online.
Your wishes have come true! Check them out on das web seit, ja!

I must go now freundlings but check aut das website for fun pictures!

Liebe always,


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