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Lederhosen Lucil in Hamburg

Lucil made my year by coming to Hamburg. I've known about her music since last October. It was one of those things where I read about her, then went straight to her website, downloaded all the mp3s, and fell in love. I wrote to her a few times, begging her to come to Hamburg. And I'm glad she finally did.

She appeared at Hafenklang (Harbor Sound), near the Hamburg Fischmarkt, September 14th, a Wednesday, opening for a Finnish band: The Tigerbombs. Her show began with the "Semi Sweet" video projected onto a screen next to the stage. Then she made her entrance, in a pirate costume (especially for Hamburg), and began her magic. She played songs from "Hosemusik", "Tales From the Pantry" and of course "Apricota". Lucil told us that she's learning German, and she threw in quite a few German words between and during songs to prove it. At one point she called us all "lecker" (delicious), but then wasn't sure it fit. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more German texts from Lucil in the future. Of course she sang "Meine Augen", and then "La Vocabulaire", "Doin' the Ganglion", "Love Bites" and others. (Not necessarily in that order). I wasn't the only one there who knew Lucil's music, as someone requested "Dishwasher", and for her last song (I was afraid to request it in such a crowded room) she played "You Suck". After her concert there was a chance to exchange a few words with Lucil herself, tell her how much I loved her music, and stock up on CDs and singles. She autographed her CD in German for me: "Du bist der Hammer! Shall we hose again?" to which I can only say: "Jawohl!"
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